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#HOPE4SA logo
ABC logo
AL logo
  • Political Party: Able Leadership
  • Abbreviation: AL
  • Website Url:
AADP logo
  • Political Party: Action Alliance Development Party
  • Abbreviation: AADP
  • Website Url: https://aadp.org.za/
AAR logo
  • Political Party: Africa Africans Reclaim
  • Abbreviation: AAR
  • Website Url:
ARA logo
ACDP logo
ACT logo
  • Political Party: African Congress for Transformation
  • Abbreviation: ACT
  • Website Url:
ACM logo
ACO logo
ADEC logo
AHC logo
AIC logo
  • Political Party: African Independent Congress
  • Abbreviation: AIC
  • Website Url:
AMC logo
ANC logo
APC logo
APEMO logo
ATM logo
AASD logo
ACP logo
  • Political Party: All Citizens Party
  • Abbreviation: ACP
  • Website Url:
A.C.C logo
  • Political Party: Alliance of Citizens for Change
  • Abbreviation: A.C.C
  • Website Url: accforchange.org.za
AM4C logo
  • Political Party: Allied Movement for Change
  • Abbreviation: AM4C
  • Website Url: https://am4c.org/
AZAPO logo
  • Political Party: Azanian People's Organisation
  • Abbreviation: AZAPO
  • Website Url: http://azapo.org.za/
BOSA logo
ZACP logo
CPM logo
CSA logo
COPE logo
CIASA logo
DA logo
DLC logo
  • Political Party: Democratic Liberal Congress
  • Abbreviation: DLC
  • Website Url: https://dlc.org.za/
EEF logo
EFF logo
ELF-SA logo
F4SD logo
FN logo
GOOD logo
ICOSA logo
IFP logo
IRC logo
  • Political Party: International Revelation Congress
  • Abbreviation: IRC
  • Website Url: http://ircsa.org.za/
LAND logo
MF logo
NCC logo
NFP logo
NPP logo
NPA logo
NCCM logo
  • Political Party: Northern Cape Communities Movement
  • Abbreviation: NCCM
  • Website Url: https://nccm.org.za/
NAPP logo
  • Political Party: Not a political party
  • Abbreviation: NAPP
  • Website Url:
OHM logo
PAC logo
  • Political Party: Pan Africanist Congress of Azania
  • Abbreviation: PAC
  • Website Url: http://pac.org.za/
PA logo
PMC logo
  • Political Party: People's Movement for Change
  • Abbreviation: PMC
  • Website Url: https://pmc.org.za/
PRM logo
PPBNR logo
  • Political Party: Political Party but not registered
  • Abbreviation: PPBNR
  • Website Url:
PAU logo
RP logo
RISE logo
SUN logo
SARA logo
  • Political Party: South African Rainbow Alliance
  • Abbreviation: SARA
  • Website Url:
SARKO logo
  • Political Party: South African Royal Kingdoms Organization
  • Abbreviation: SARKO
  • Website Url: https://sarko.org.za/
M.K. logo
  • Political Party: Umkhonto Wesizwe
  • Abbreviation: M.K.
  • Website Url:
UAT logo
UDM logo
  • Political Party: United Democratic Movement
  • Abbreviation: UDM
  • Website Url: http://udm.org.za/
UIM logo
  • Political Party: United Independent Movement
  • Abbreviation: UIM
  • Website Url: https://uimsa.org/
VF+ logo
WF logo
  • Political Party: Xiluva
  • Abbreviation: XILUVA
  • Website Url:
I logo
  • Political Party: Independent
  • Abbreviation: I
  • Website Url:
PAG logo
  • Political Party: Political Aligned Group
  • Abbreviation: PAG
  • Website Url:

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